What To Consider When Moving Abroad

What to consider when moving abroad? How can an HR department or a company help? In our article, we provide a guide and clarify.

When employees of a company go abroad, they may have to move. So, expats should pay attention to many things, and there is a lot to organize. A checklist is undoubtedly an excellent idea.


The first point is to find an apartment and cancel or sublet the apartment in the home country. Especially in finding an apartment, a company can be of good help because the HR departments often have good contacts or contracts with landlords or agencies.

The type of apartment that comes into question depends on how long an expat will have to live and work abroad. A hotel, vacation apartment, or B&B is a good option for short stays, but this quickly becomes very expensive for more extended stays. Most importantly, an expat will want a fully equipped kitchen and possibly even their furniture.

A professional agency is a good option if the expat cannot expect help from the company. After all, it isn’t easy to find an apartment if you are not local. Agencies are professionals who take care of the smooth process without the expat being constantly active.

There are also differences when it comes to choosing a lease. For example, a temporary contract is a good choice if the expat only stays abroad for a few weeks or months. However, a permanent contract is undoubtedly the better choice if the stay is for an indefinite period.

Prepare For Moving Day

It is easiest to hire a moving company to handle the moving tasks for the move itself. Moving consultants also provide tips if furniture needs to be transported or stored. There are also often customs regulations to consider – so it is good to have professionals on hand. Many companies also contribute to the costs, so it’s worth talking to the HR department.

However, organizing the move is only part of the job. In the home country, memberships or contracts must be terminated. Insurance policies and bank accounts also have to be changed over.

Storage Solutions

But what happens to all the furniture and personal possessions for which there is no room in the new apartment abroad? These can be stored with a self-storage provider. This makes sense if the expat plans to return to the home country because only some things have to be repurchased after the return.

However, suppose the expat is to or wants to stay abroad for a very long time or even forever. In that case, valuable items should be sold because they lose enormous value over the years.

A possible return also depends on whether an apartment is terminated or temporarily rented. Which is more favorable must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

That was our guide to moving as an expat. Now it only remains for us to wish the expats a lot of fun and success abroad!

Christine - German, English, French, Spanish, Italian Teacher

Christine - German, English, French, Spanish, Italian Teacher

My name is Christine, I'm German and I have a great passion for languages in general and for Italy and Spain in particular. I have been working in the language sector for decades and found out that working online is my cup of tea! I not only teach, but I also create interactive material for language courses and exams. I love making audio and videos for students and my goal is to arouse their passion for languages and new cultures.

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