How To Improve Your Memorization Skills

Learn a language quicker by improving your memorization skills and using a range of tools that are fun.

As an expat abroad, you’ll have to process a lot of information on very different topics: you are busy at the office, having to think about upcoming meetings or negotiations. On the other hand, you might be struggling with learning the local language and settling in. These are hard things to do, especially while working all day.

For this reason, it is essential to optimise your time by applying the most effective language learning methods. Think about improving your memorization skills and using a range of tools that can be fun too. This way, you will be more productive. Let?s dive in …

Train Memorization Skills Through The Keyword Method

The keyword method consists of associating a known object with an unknown word or concept. Basically, it?s the evolution of the typical visual learning method. When applying the keyword method to language learning, you will need to carefully listen to the pronunciation of a new word while also seeing it written down. At this point, you will want to associate the word with an image of something that reminds you of that new word. This way, when thinking about that familiar ?picture?, you will remember everything you have associated to it before.

Once you have mastered this method to improve your memorization skills, you can apply it for language learning and, more generally, in the office, too, e.g. to memorize a speech or topics you wish to discuss in the next meeting.

Memorize Words With Real-life Context

Here is the fun part. You can and should use everything available nowadays to expand your knowledge, from going to the cinema or theatre to listening to music and enjoying entertainment. The benefits: vocabulary enrichment, presence of common phrases, slang, and peculiar syntactical structures used only when speaking a language.

Giving a real-life context to what you are currently learning in language lessons or hearing common sentences that include a particular grammar structure lets you really absorb a subject. By remembering a simple joke or a song verse, you will be able to hook the grammar rule that was used in it; not bad uh! Again, your memorization skills improve over time and language learning becomes much more efficient.

Moreover, always appreciate the power of experiencing the local culture of your host country and having a better understanding of the social patterns and habits. This is how you will better connect with your co-workers and employees and therefore communicate with them most effectively at work.

Eleonora, Expat Support

Eleonora, Expat Support

Hi! My name is Eleonora. My role is to support your family to make them feel as integrated as possible. For example, if you have children that go to school in Italy, I could help them with their homework, provide supplementary lessons or guide them through different activities, such as structured conversations at their level, working directly on texts and more. The ultimate goal is to improve their overall comprehension.

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