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Talk@Work offers flexible and versatile language courses for expats as well as daily life, career and education support for expat family members.

Standard Language Courses For Expats

Talk@Work offers professional language courses for expats who need to acquire or want to improve the language of the country they will be living in. We support them to develop their communication skills by listening, reading, writing, and speaking in everyday life, simply and effectively. And, after some time, they will be able to interact fluently and spontaneously with colleagues and local people.

Our language courses for expats are calibrated to suit the needs of your employees. Lessons take place either on your company's premises or online. Currently, we offer language courses in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian. Please contact us for further languages.

Business Language Courses For Expats

In our business language courses, expat executives will be trained to communicate in a professional environment: attending meetings, writing emails, holding presentations, negotiating, and giving official speeches. Our teachers will propose analysis for understanding topical issues: current affairs, social, political, and environmental issues, political systems, public opinion, and mass media strategies.

All business language courses for expats are tailored to the specific needs, goals and technical purposes of your organization. Currently, we offer business language courses for expats in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian. Please contact us for any other language.

Language Support For Expat Families

Our dedicated teachers are always available to teach all expat family members at home. They are welcome to attend our standard language courses for expats online at the most convenient times. We also design special expat kids language courses which provide great fun for children of all ages.

Furthermore, our team of teachers and translators will make living in a new country much easier for expat families: we will help them in everyday life communication, e.g. with doctors, the authorities, or repair shops, and when dealing with paperwork.

Last but not least Talk@Work organizes exciting trips for expat families to learn more about the culture of their new host country.

Full Immersion Courses

Talk@Work organizes intensive weekly language courses in a city, in the countryside, the mountains or at the coast. There will be 4 hours daily lessons one-to-one with a teacher plus many opportunities for conversations with native speakers at breakfast and lunch.

In the afternoons and evenings we provide an exciting entertainment program with sightseeing tours, dining in local restaurants and visiting social events.

Our full immersion courses offer the best way for learning a language quickly while enjoying the culture and traditions of a new country!

Language Certifications Preparation

Some expat executives or expat family members wish to get a language certification to complete their language learning: we support them in many ways to improve the specific language skills they will be tested on. Furthermore, they will learn the most effective language certification exam strategies and increase their confidence by practicing with exam papers from previous years.

Talk@Work prepares everyone for achieving the best possible results in any language certification exam!

Job Search Services For Partners

After settling into a new country, many expat partners wish to find a job themselves. We offer specific support in the process of searching and applying for a new job: building a professional network, dealing with legal requirements, writing CVs and cover letters, filling out application forms, and preparing for job interviews through simulations and role-plays.

Talk@Work guides expat partners effectively to successful job applications in a new country!

Education Support For Expat Kids

We help expat children to access prestigious schools around the world by preparing them to pass the admission tests.

If they are studying at university, our tutoring focuses on grammar, contents, readings, and writing a graduate thesis in their second language. We help them to understand specific terms used at university and support them in their studies by reviewing their work.

Talk@Work supports expat children, teenagers and students to thrive in the local education system!

Socializing, Traveling & Sightseeing

Talk@Work organizes many social events to help all our expats and students practice their new language in the real world. Whilst enjoying an aperitif, a coffee or dinner, attending a cooking class or theatre play, they meet new people learning the same language.

We also offer stimulating and entertaining day or weekend trips to visit some of the great places in the new country of residence. And we enjoy going along with our students to view the monuments and masterpieces of the best artists in the city.

All our students will enjoy and understand the history and the culture of their new host country.

Translations, Editing & Ghostwriting

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of language services tailored to your specific needs when living and working abroad:

Our translation services encompass a wide array of content, including technical and scientific materials, literary works, abstract and creative writing.

Furthermore, our team is adept at refining your content, offering services such as editing, proofreading, reviewing, re-elaboration and re-drafting. We work diligently to ensure your documents, articles, theses and publications are clear, coherent, and error-free.

Our intuitive ghost-writing service provides you with eloquent content while maintaining your authentic voice.

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