Talk@Work provides international employers with specialized one-to-one and small group full immersion bespoke language courses for expats and their families.

The Corporates' Perspective

The founder of Talk@Work has worked with large international employers such as IKEA Italy, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bayerische Landesbank, Bain & Company, Otis Elevator Company and R+V Insurance. He and his team of qualified teachers have been providing effective language services to CEOs, executives, Country Managers, first-line managers, and many members of their families. Here is an outline of how the bespoke language courses for expats and their families were structured and developed:

Planning & Monitoring

Kick-off meetings with HR managers about general goals, timing, and systematic learning progress. Regular follow-up meetings to confirm the satisfaction of the students with our interactive and versatile language teaching approach. Periodic progress monitoring plus monthly reports to the HR department on the learning results achieved.

Course Development

Informal but professional assessment of every student. Development of focused and customized one-on-one lessons or small group courses to suit the exact needs. Development of personalized courses to all expat family members and second language support for expat children at school.

Hands-on Support

Personal support with internal team communication (colloquial and business communication), external communication (standard conversations and business communication), data mining (e.g. press releases, annual business reports, social, political and news articles...), and building new relationships in a foreign environment.

Daily Life Family Support

Continuous assistance to expats and their families when dealing with paperwork, the authorities, the medical or educational system. Tipps for shopping, food, restaurants, culture and holidays, plus guided sightseeing to make everyone feel comfortable in their new home town.

Achieved Goals:

The Participants' Experiences

Fruto (Fructuoso) Hernández, Creative Leader | Head of Retail & Space Design and Brand Visual Identity | Advisory Board member | Home Furnishing & Retail Design Manager, IKEA Italy

Besides being a wonderful person to be around with and always willing to help, Andrea is one of these rare language teachers who is able and willing to adapt his teaching method to the person. I recommend Andrea and Talk@Work to any language student.

John McKie, Managing Director at CA Immobilien Anlagen AG, Hungary

Andrea made learning Italian a great experience for me. Interesting, challenging and fun. His language services, with the support of the team of TALK@WORK, are highly recommended.

Ilona Eichler, PA CEO/HRM at TCX Investement Management, Netherlands

When I lived in Milano in 2008, I took my language lessons with Andrea Campisano. A very pleasant experience, both conversational, in writing as in learning about Italy in general. Strongly recommend Andrea Campisano and his team of teachers at Talk@Work!

Viktoria Bratushka, Head of Brand Activation, Ukraine

Andrea is an an excellent teacher and a great professional. I was lucky to meet him during my MBA program, when I first came to Italy, and, since then, he helped me to improve my Italian basically from zero to a decent C1/C2 level. I really appreciate his dedication & commitment, high level of professionalism and flexibility. One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Even now, Andrea and Talk@Work is my reference for some linguistic assistance I need in my professional activity.

Maria BarriosMaria Barrios, Project Management, Marketing, International Relations, Consultant, Columbia

Andrea was my Italian professor in 2020-21. His method of teaching Italian is dynamic, personalized, and efficient. He makes you fall in love with the language and the culture. You can tell that he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge about Italy. After following his courses my Italian improved and I could talk and write correctly.


Sam Abbasi, Account Director, Ampion, Australia

Andrea is one of the best foreign language instructors I have ever had the honor to call my teacher. He helped me improve my Italian over the course of a month to actually bump up to the next level at my college course. His practical approach, professionalism, and most importantly his attitude are what sets him apart from his peers.


Zoë Donato, Financial Planner, RBC Financial Planning, Canada

Andrea was my Italian professor at university. He was very kind, patient, and a great teacher. He makes learning Italian very easy because he does a great job of breaking down the grammatical rules and encouraging you to have conversations in Italian which is the best way to learn. I highly recommend Andrea as a professor! I advise Andrea and Talk@Work to university students and corporations.


Paula Torres Bocos, Co- Founder & PR Luxury Marketing Director en Éclat Media, Spain

Andrea was my Italian teacher when I was an exchange student at Politecnico di Milano for two semesters. Prior to being his student, I had studied italian only for a few months so I was in his beginners class. He did an excellent job teaching my class what we needed to learn to live in Italy without using almost any English. He was very engaging and fun. He goes above and beyond for his students.


Özgün Altop, Legal Consultant on Italian Civil Law and International Law, Turkey

I can tell with no hesitation that Andrea is very professional, patient with students, and a very good teacher. One of my best teachers who taught me Italian!


Vinh Phung Lu, Cluster Operations Leader, Real Estate Cluster Europe South & East, Ingka Group

I have a lot of fun learning Italian with Andrea and Enrico. It is a great and dedicated team. I wanted this combination, one for the grammar and one for the speaking part! For my learning style this is the best combination. I warmly recommend you the team of Talk@Work and I am looking forward to my next lesson!

Ufuk Aksoy, Principal Owner, Elba srl, Turkey

Andrea Campisano is an excellent teacher who enhances the confidence of students while making them passionate about learning. Andrea is a great team leader too, able to build an efficient group of valuable teachers. They are creative and efficient, adapting their communication style to the needs of different students depending on their age, culture, ability, and learning style. I appreciate their clarity, accuracy, and professionalism. Thanks to their enthusiasm, Andrea and his team of teachers know how to keep the students engaged and motivated.

Tim Birkin, Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality professional, NCRQ Dip, GradIOSH, UK

Andrea is a great language teacher who finds different ways to engage students individually and tailor make lessons that suit each student. Also a respectful, polite and trustworthy individual with a great sense of humour. I would recommend Andrea and Talk@Work to any individual or organisation.

Nicole Erdmann, Ingka Real Estate Manager Cluster South & East Europe, Germany

Andrea is an excellent Italian teacher. With him and his team you get a complete understanding of the culture of Italy and its challenges. He is very flexible and proactive. Also, he has many ideas to interest you in the historical language. Learning is really fun with him. He is well qualified and will provide you with all the tests and qualifications you need to express your professional language skills. Thank you, Andrea, for your patience with me and I wish you and “Talk@Work” many inspiring courses with open minded people. I recommend Andrea and his highly professional team of teachers!

Elena Moeller, Sr. Business Development Representative, USA

Andrea was not only a teacher of language, but also Italian culture and friendship. My time in Italy was amazing and Andrea took time out of his busy schedule to ensure that his class had a great understanding of the language. He also took our class out on excursions around Milan where we could practice ordering in Italian. I made life long friends and I will always be thankful for his lessons and friendship.

Wubbo Tempel, Netherland Former Managing director of Elsevier Masson, Italy

I highly recommend Andrea as an excellent Italian language tutor. Andrea taught me when I directed Elsevier’s Italian office. Andrea explains backgrounds of expressions and phrases, which helps the understanding greatly. Clearly, Andrea works from a broad knowledge base. Also, Andrea is a pleasant and serious person, which is very important in a tutorial relationship.


Lana Silanteva, Co-Founder at 700 plus CLUB, Russia

I got to know the founder of Talk@Work through my MBA program in which he taught Italian. Apart from being an excellent tutor, Andrea is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Italian (and world!) culture, literature, history, and art. His lessons were always stimulating, and his approach challenging and encouraging - just what a student needs to continuously improve. Andrea also has a very open personality and a great sense of humor, so I would recommend him and Andrea’s team of teachers!


Enver Candan, IBMer, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, USA

Andrea was my Italian teacher when I was an exchange student at Politecnico di Milano for two semesters. Prior to being his student, I had studied italian only for a few months so I was in his beginners class. He did an excellent job teaching my class what we needed to learn to live in Italy without using almost any English. He was very engaging and fun. He goes above and beyond for his students.

Laurent Bruyere, Directeur général chez ERYMA, France

Andrea was a great Italian teacher for me. I thank him and recommend his language services.

More Client Testimonials

"Thanks to a down to earth and personal focused learning set-up, we already after a few sessions with Andrea and Mary felt that we were making progress. We had the opportunity meeting both physically and digitally and that mixed has been a success for us. It have been a very flexible way of learning and always with our level in mind. We are very grateful to Talk@Work for this opportunity."
Viktoria Jonas
Viktoria and Jonas, Sweden
"Andrea Campisano encourages and allows the student from the beginning to develop self-confidence and overcome the natural barrier of learning. He is also interested in the culture of students, their interests and values. His human posture, his knowledge of student psychology make Andrea an excellent professional in the art of teaching."
Rosana Ferrari, Brazil
"Professor Andrea Campisano is an excellent teacher. I am very honored to be his student. Not only is he professional, but he is also very knowledgeable. As a Chinese student, I have benefited a lot from his language lessons and have learned useful knowledge. In addition, after class he would take us to taste Italian food and visit museums. Because of him, I had a very pleasant study time."
Wang Peiling, China
"Andrea is a great professor. His greatest qualities are accessibility and vast knowledge. He is able to examine the student's knowledge in order to find the best teaching method. He approaches the material in an innovative way and each of his lessons is like an adventure."
Martina Horvat, Croatia
"Andrea is a fantastic teacher! I learned so much in his class because he was energetic, engaging and was always willing to help when needed. He not only shared with us his language but also his culture which allowed us to really immerse in the experience and learn so much more in his class!"
Ciara Fassinelli, USA
"I’m very lucky to participate Andrea’s courses. He is the greatest teacher that I’ve ever met. During his course, he will teach our foreign students how to learn Italian and how to fit in Italy, which is quite useful for new students. He is a patient and nice teacher, who will always encourage his students to express themselves. His nice personality also give me an excellent expression for Italian. His course will never let you down."
Jingjing Guo, Italy
"Professor Andrea Campisano is an excellent teacher! He is very kind and gentle, and respects his students' opinions. His lectures are interesting and informative, and he often elaborates on a particular place. He is a very easy-going teacher and you can always ask him questions and ask for help, such as asking him to correct your composition. In a word, I learned a lot by following him. The point is, it's really fun to listen to him!!!"
Diana, China
"Andrea is my favorite teacher, he is very smart, he can understand well what I would like to say and then he knows how to correct the mistakes in his class. Not only the language learning, but also the culture, with Andrea is a fantastic experience."
Shibo Cheng, China
"Andrea was a wonderfully patient Italian teacher. As someone who was brand new to the language, I appreciated his time and attention in learning something brand new."
Tamara Litt, USA
"Andrea is very dedicated to the needs of his students. The lessons improved my Italian in a short time. I practiced writing and speaking in a fun way."
Catherine Leman, Germany
"Andrea was very kind and nice teacher. During staying in Milan for 1 month, it passed so quickly but he taught me Italian eagerly and friendly so my Italian skills could improve so fast because of his lessons. His lesson was understandable and enjoyable to learn. He also took me to the museum near from the language school and it was really fun. I sometimes see the pictures with him and I’ve been missing Milan and Andrea so much!"
Mao Tameda, Japan
"Of all the teachers with whom I tried to study Italian only with Andrea I started to understand and even to speak! I am very grateful to Andrea and his talent for teaching! I would like to recommend him to everyone who wants to learn a new language!"
Marina Butenko, Russia
"Andrea is a very good teacher, very sympathetic as well as conscientious, he teaches patiently. I love this teacher."
Bi Lika, China

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