Language Is Communication, And Communication Is Relationship!

Regardless of whether you are moving for six months, three years or for the rest of your life, learning the local language has always been the key to success and happiness when living and working abroad.

Learning the local language means that you can communicate with people. And communication is the foundation for building new relationships abroad. Here are our top tips for learning the local language as an expat:

Language Learning Tip No 1 – No fear!!!!

First, don?t be afraid to speak from day one. Just try! Local people will appreciate your effort and be supportive!

Language Learning Tip No 2 – Enjoy!!!

Speaking a new language is fun! Even @Work. Talk to your colleagues every day. Just a few words or sentences a day!

Language Learning Tip No 3 – Be involved!!!

Attend community events, such as gastronomic fairs, cine forums, guided tours, cooking classes, taste itineraries, dinners and happy hours, dance parties, or local artists? performances… Share your emotions, experience and knowledge with local guests: they will see the culture of their home town with new eyes: yours!

Language Learning Tip No 4 – Be proactive!!!

Share your ideas on which event you could organize within the local community! Contact local associations and offer to help them in their everyday activities.

Because acquiring a new language is an organic process, not just a teacher and a book!!!

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Andrea Campisano

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