About Us

Our mission is to provide language learning for expats that is versatile and effective. The primary focus is our students’ progress and their social inclusion with local people and culture.

Our Approach

Our teaching is designed to make sure expats enjoy their language learning experience and have many opportunities to practice along the way. We create tailor-made programs based on the needs, cognitive styles, interests, and schedules of your expat executives and their families. All our techniques are proven to be more effective than just reading from a textbook or listening to a teacher.

Real World Experiences

Whilst we use traditional books and exercises for core language learning, our activities also allow students to apply their studies in the real world with local people and authentic tasks, such as ordering in a restaurant, socializing, and having general conversations, but also comprehending the papers and reading compelling stories. Furthermore, we include active listening to a wide range of audio materials, games, watching movies, or role-playing, to make the learning process creative and enjoyable.

Role-Playing And Acting

Role-playing is another great way of learning a new language and it has been proven that this technique helps students retain and recall information. Role-playing involves students acting out day-to-day situations in a learning environment such as eating out, going for coffee, asking for directions, making introductions, etc. We also provide short films and movies where students record the details of a scene, understand the dialogues with the teacher’s help, then re-enact the scene as they have understood it. The students explain the meaning of the scene and practice new vocabulary.

Games, Puzzles, And Gaming

As part of the language learning, students will engage in games and puzzles such as Scrabble, Cross Words, Memory, and other games which involve knowing and understanding words and expressions. This is a fun and productive way for expats to learn new words and enhance the ability to remember them. In these sessions we gather groups of colleagues who really enjoy the fun of being part of team in their process of acquiring their target language.

Co-working Teacher Teams

It has proven most successful, that expats are being taught by a co-working team of dedicated teachers. In most cases, there will be a teacher who speaks the expat's native language and can introduce them to the basics of the new language. Different teachers will then provide a more immersive language learning, encouraging the student to speak the new language as soon as possible. Our teacher teams will also develop much more objective observations regarding an expat's cognitive learning style and develop a broader variety of tailor-made language learning experiences.

Assessments And Monitoring

Talk@Work also focuses on the development and satisfactory progress of their students by assessing and monitoring each learner individually whilst providing feedback on which areas they need to improve (grammar, speaking, listening, writing, reading.) Our teachers are always willing to help our students with passion and kindness, they use innovative teaching methods and tailor the activities to the needs, characteristics, and interests of the learners.

Language Learning For Expats With Busy Schedules

Expat executives have a very demanding schedule. We are aware of this and ensure maximum flexibility and versatility. Our language training is offered during work hours or after hours, and learners can reschedule any time. And when traveling, they can keep learning online.

Founder Andrea Campisano

Language is my love and the focus of my studies and work. I studied Philosophy of Language, Humanities, and History of ideas, I graduated with high academic distinction and, after achieving another Master’s degree in Communication, I began working as a teacher and a lecturer in Italian language for academic and business purposes.

I have been teaching employees in large international companies and foreign university students for more than 20 years, working with thousands of people from all over the world: an amazing and enriching experience. 8 years ago, I started my own business and built a team of excellent teachers, all valuable language experts. Together, we now provide tailor-made language learning for expats.


  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano
  • European School of Economics, Milano
  • MIP – School of management, Milano
  • Politecnico di Milano

International Organizations

  • Ikea, Italia (since 2015)
  • Gruppo Otis
  • Assimoco Assicurazioni (R+V Group)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim


  • Ergo Italia
  • Bayerische Landesbank
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Abn Amro Bank
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Elseviere-Masson
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Thales Italia
  • Daiwa Securities
  • Consolato Generale dello Stato del Kuwait

And His Fantastic Team Of Dedicated Teachers

Mary - Language Learning For Expats

Mary - English, French, Italian

My name is Mary, I am 32 years old and I live between Rome and Milan. I have a degree in Interpreting and Translation and I speak English, French and un poco de español! I translate documentaries and Reality TV shows for dubbing, I am an English and French private teacher, especially for children, and I also teach Italian, my mother tongue. My greatest passions? Languages (of course), books, movies and traveling!

Enrico - Language Learning For Expats

Enrico - Italian

I am Enrico Berami, born and raised in Milan, THE Italian city where you can never get bored! I teach Italian to foreigners. I started in Hong Kong, where I also got qualified with CEDILS certification. Once back in Milan, I became an Italian language teacher for immigrants (in a State school), refugees (in an Extraordinary Reception Centre), and whoever is interested in learning and embracing the amazing Italian culture through words.

Simona - Language Learning For Expats

Simona - Italian

My name is Simona Montano. I’m an Italian as a second language teacher and I live in Bologna. I have a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, so I can speak English and Spanish. My teaching methods are based on the learner’s needs and communication goals. Currently, I’m working towards a bachelor’s degree in Italian Language and Culture for foreigners.

Xiaoke - Language Learning For Expats

Xiaoke - Chinese

My name is Xiaoke Wang, and I'm from Xi'an, China. I'm dedicated to creating a casual classroom environment in which you may enhance your language skills while also learning about culture through engaging dialogues. After taking my lesson, I am confident that you will be able to converse with Chinese friends and understand more about the mysteries of the East, whether it is about religion, history, customs, or the humanities.

Lucia - Language Learning For Expats

Lucia - Chinese, Italian, English

My name is Lucia. I majored in Italian at Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology in China, and now I am a graduate student in Linguistics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy. I am a Chinese girl with 3 years of teaching experience. I passed the B2 level exam in Italian celi, and hold a level 2 certificate in Mandarin while my English is at B2 level. I love teaching Chinese, Italian and English.

Caterina - Language Learning For Expats

Caterina - Italian

My name is Caterina, I'm 28 years old. I studied English and Spanish in Rome and Bologna and I got a master's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. I am a school educator and a private Italian teacher. My idea of teaching is strongly based on conversational interaction, audiovisual tools and practice. My lessons are aimed at creating a motivational learning environment where sharing is the keyword.

Giada - Language Learning For Expats

Giada - Chinese, Italian for Mandarin Speakers

Hi there! My name is Giada and I am from China. I studied Italian at university and I'm currently an Italian teacher, so I got teaching experience. In class, I prefer to let my students practice immediately after learning something new, especially grammar. I can't wait to learn new languages with you!

Tina - Language Learning For Expats

Tina - Chinese, Italian

My name is Tina. I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University, and my major is Italian. I have passed the C1 level exam in Italian cils. Currently, I work as an assistant Italian teacher as well as an interpreter at Huayitong Education, an international education institution focusing on studying and training in Italy. I have a great passion for teaching Chinese and Italian, and if you would like to learn with me, come and join us!

Maria - Language Learning For Expats

María del Mar - Spanish

¡Hola! My name is María del Mar and I am a Spanish teacher and translator. I have honed my communication, creativity, and motivational skills by teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds. I create engaging, dynamic and motivating lessons by using a variety of resources and activities. I use Spanish almost anytime during my lessons and all my students are surprised by how much they can understand and speak from the very first day!

Shanshan - Language Learning For Expats

Shanshan - Chinese

I am a professor for Mandarin Chinese at Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia, Italy with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I also teach at elementary, middle and high school grades. Furthermore, I work as an interpreter, providing consecutive and simultaneous interpretation between multiple speakers as well as sight translations to audiences and written document translation.

Giulia - Language Learning For Expats

Giulia - Spanish, Italian

My name is Giulia and I have a master's degree in Tourism Quality Management. Traveling is a perfect way to connect with people and to learn more about the world. I have always been curious about other cultures, that’s why I studied Intercultural Communication at the University of Milano-Bicocca. I speak Italian, Spanish, English, German, and a little bit of Mandarin. I have worked in Hong Kong, Milan, and Barcelona.

Julie - Language Learning For Expats

Julie - English, Italian

My name is Julie Di Siena. I was born in the swinging sixties in Liverpool. My parents emigrated from Italy to the UK and I grew up with the best of both worlds. I am a positive person, open to dialogue and listening, and capable of solving problems effectively. Others attribute to me punctuality, seriousness, dedication to work, reliability, strong sense of responsibility, organization and a natural predisposition for interpersonal relationships.

Eleonora - Language Learning For Expats

Eleonora - Tutor for Expat Kids in Italy

Hi! My name is Eleonora. My role is to support your family to make them feel as integrated as possible. For example, if you have children that go to school in Italy, I could help them with their homework, provide supplementary lessons or guide them through different activities, such as structured conversations at their level, working directly on texts and more. The ultimate goal is to improve their overall comprehension.

Mhamed - Language Learning For Expats

Mhamed - Italian, Arabic

My name is Mhamed Sayadi. I m 48 years old. I m Tunisian and I live in Monastir. I have a degree in Italian language with 20 years of teaching experience. I speak Italian, English, French and Arabic my mother tongue. I m really happy to work with you.

Chiaki - Language Learning For Expats

Chiaki - Japanese

Ciao! My name is Chiaki Murakami. I graduated in education at Hirosaki University in Japan. Later, I majored in singing and completed the graduate Tokyo College of Music. I worked as a teacher in public and private schools before coming to Italy to study Italian opera. Today, I appear in many concerts in Japan and Italy but I also love teaching very much. So let's speak Japanese together!

Jane - Language Learning For Expats

Jane - English, Italian, Irish

Over 20 years of international work and life experience has brought me to understand the challenges you can be facing in a new country. TEFL teaching training and linguistic fluency combined with my first-hand expat experiences are my tools to integrate you and your family as smoothly as possible into your new environments. Accelerating your local language abilities to build meaningful relations in your new 'Home' is my role!

Oxana - Russian teacher

Oxana - Russian

My name is Oxana Bejenari, I have been teaching Russian for nearly 20 years. I graduated from Moldova State University and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, where I received most of my professional training, including the Teacher Training Course and Teaching Russian to Young Learners Course. I am also a TORFL tester. Since 2005 I live in Milan, Italy. I have also published textbooks and many scientific articles on Second Language Acquisition.


Maria - Italian

My name is Maria. I am specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners at the Universities of Siena and Venice. Before that I taught in Colombia and Peru. I like my job because it gives me the opportunity to always design new educational paths tailored to the needs of my students. During my lessons, I always create a positive, relaxed and time-flexible environment and atmosphere. I am a cheerful, kind, and fun person that loves reading and travelling.

Gloria Chinese teacher

Gloria - Italian, Chinese

I'm Gloria, a certified Chinese teacher who grew up in Shanghai and now lives in Milan, Italy. Mandarin is my mother tongue but I also speak English and Italian fluently. I have teaching certificates for Chinese as a foreign language, a putonghua level certificate, and a Cambridge Business English Higher certificate. With my excellent communication skills and many years of teaching experience, I specialize in creatively teaching students and maximizing their learning results.

Christine - German teacher

Christine - German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

My name is Christine, I'm German and I have a great passion for languages in general and for Italy and Spain in particular. I have been working in the language sector for decades and found out that working online is my cup of tea! I not only teach, but I also create interactive material for language courses and exams. I love making audio and videos for students and my goal is to arouse their passion for languages and new cultures.

Nicole Chinese teacher

Nicole - Chinese

I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a Bachelor's degree in Italian Language and Culture, after which I obtained a Master's degree in tourism management from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. I am a firm believer that to learn a foreign language you must understand the cultural and historical background. I speak Chinese, English and Italian and I would be delighted to help you with your language learning, and give you advice on working with Chinese and integrating in China.

Giada - Italian teacher

Giada - Italian

My name is Giada, and I’m from Rome. I studied English and Spanish, I have a bachelor’s degree in Languages, Cultures, Literatures and Translation and a master’s degree in Modern, Comparative and Postcolonial Literature. Currently, I’m studying to take another master’s degree in Italian Language and Culture for foreigners. I teach English and Spanish at school and I am a private Italian teacher. I have a great passion for teaching and my lessons are based on conversational interaction, practice and motivation.

Joe - English

My name is Joe, I'm an American from Chicago. Before relocating to Italy, I was a research librarian for ten years but my passion has always been exploring, languages and etymology. In addition to now learning Italian, I have some Spanish and even a little German. Since transitioning to being an English madre lingua teacher I have gained experience with teaching students of all ages, including primary, middle and high school, as well as adults and personalized lessons.


Ken - English, Italian

I began my linguistic career as far back as 1989, as an English language lecturer, teacher, tutor, editor and translator. I had working stints starting from language schools and ending up at the University Teaching Hospital, Usl 16 Padova Ospedale San Antonio, and the Università degli Studi di Padova, engaging with academic staff and students alike, helping in the drafting of publications, as well as teaching. Since 2008 have been a Senior Language Consultant at Eni, and an author of linguistic books.

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Italian Steps: the steps to learn Italian and to get to know Italy, its culture, its traditions and flavours. Through the language and across Italy we will accompany you along a suggestive path. You’ll go back home with new emotions in your heart and new colours in your eyes.



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